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Which the best part is...

Our au pair training will be available in E-learning course. Using this method, you can study at your own pace, in your free time, from your chair. And because it's all in English this course is also a great warm-up for you to get ready to speak and understand English language.

We offer 12 excellent, convenient modules in a wide variety of interesting, helpful topics. Our courses have a three months time limit. The lessons can be studied online, via the Aupairfect e-learning system, so you can study them at your convenience. Throughout the course you can check your learning progress with the integrated quizzes and test modules. With our online quizzing option, you can log into your personal account and complete your quizzes at any time. Do them wherever and whenever you wish.

Learning and testing method: Read the course material, do the Think Back exercises and make the quize to practices yourself. When you have worked through and successfully completed the course material, submit the integrated online Au Pair Test. You must make a passing score of at least 70% to download the Au pair certificate. You can redo the quizzes one more time. If you score lower than 70%. Failure to receive a passing score on a second submission will result in no certificate, and you will be unable to take the final test again for 2 weeks.

Au pair Certificate
When you have successfully completed the course and passed the integrated online final test, Aupairfect will issue you an official “Certificate of Completion”. This is also a way to show potential host families that you’re committed to doing a great job as an au pair and have acquired special knowledge to do so. The certificate will become downloadable if you reach the 70% of the final test.

Our Price
Aupairfect au pair course costs 200 EUR or 200 GBP. Use the PayPal system on the website. After the payment you will receive a password to reach and use the training at any time!
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We can guarantee, that...

By taking this course, you will develop the skills needed to be a caring, trustworthy, responsible, and competent babysitter. You will learn how to care for children, how to solve problems, how to keep children safe and happy, how to talk with parents and adults, how to make responsible decisions, and how to handle emergencies.